The FIGHT against ACNE

31 Jul

For most of us, “Acne” is synonymous with the word ”teenager”. Unfortunately, for some of us, Acne is still a very active (and miserable) part of our lives. Adult acne is a problem that thousands of people have to deal with on a daily basis. Studies claim that acne is commonly found in the ages between 14-26, higher than the averages in the past. As a result, in an act of desperation, we try crazy diets and/or expensive topical cleansers/medication to treat this problem without any real results. Perhaps we have been approaching the problem wrong and seeking answers from the wrong places. As adults, we now know that acne is much more than an exterior issue…dare I say, more than just skin deep? What If we were to battle the problem from the inside out? These over-the-counter products are designated for the layer of skin that is exposed to the harsh environments that we endure daily. How are we supposed to treat a problem that is constantly opposed to fluctuating weather, dirt, oils and excess debris?

Studies suggest that Probiotics is an overlooked solution to acne. Yes, you heard correctly, Probiotics…the type that can be found in yogurt. You might be asking what the correlation of probiotics and acne would be and that is an entirely valid question. A Russian study conducted in 2001tested a group of people that suffered from acne as a result of antibiotics. The study provides positive support for the test group using probiotics. Compared to the group without probiotics, the group using probiotics collectively experiences clearer skin at a much more rapid pace than the opposing group in the study.

Inflammation and oxidative stress are two very important causes of acne. Inflammation of the gut could result in the inflammation of other parts of the body such as the skin. The proper balance of the microflora in the gut could potentially be the solution we were looking for to relieve the symptoms of adult acne. We know that our body requires” good” bacteria to survive and probiotics could replenish those that your gut needs to function at its optimal levels. AST enzyme offers an excellent product loaded with probiotics and enzymes to maintain a healthy gut and keep inflammation under control. Floracor- GI is a product consisting of a powerful combination of proteases and Chitosanase along with probiotics to destroy pathogenic yeast while establishing a healthy microflora of good bacteria that we need to support a normal digestive system. We talked about tackling acne from the inside out. Digest-GI is a product fact with natural enzymes that will assist in breaking down all the different things we eat. We have received tons of feedback telling us that BOTH products have been an awesome solution to their acne problems.


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