Get Radiant Skin without Breaking the Bank

20 Feb

Glowing skin may seem like a dream only achievable by expensive make-up or facials, but the truth is picture perfect skin is more obtainable than we actually think. Although, some factors contributing to clear skin are unavoidable, such as genetics and hormone-levels, there are habits that we can control to influence our skin for the better. For instance, drink more water, use sunscreen and moisturizer, avoid harsh soaps and over washing your face (which dries your skin), and stop smoking! Smoking will rob your cells of oxygen and increase wrinkles, which will cause you to appear haggard (completely opposite of bright and glowing). Another factor that we can control to promote healthy skin is nutrition and gut health.

glowing skinA balanced diet containing whole grains, lean proteins, fruits and vegetables is always recommended in order to obtain optimal nutrition. To ensure the body can utilize the nutrients from a healthy diet the addition of digestive enzymes is also recommended. According to the American Nutrition Association, “70,000,000 people are affected by digestive disorders”, and the reason they explain is due to lack of digestive enzymes:

“Your body produces digestive enzymes. However, it cannot produce enough digestive enzymes to keep up with the typical western diet, which is full of enzyme-depleted, cooked, and processed foods. This is one of the reasons why so many people suffer from digestive-related health problems.”

 Another way to improve gut health is to incorporate a daily probiotic. Good bacteria living on the walls of our intestines promote immune health and absorption of essential nutrients. Floracor-GI has the benefits of 11 different strains of probiotics, while also capable of killing yeast (or Candida albicans). Although controversial, some researchers believe that acne sufferers tend to have fungal infections or yeast build-ups. The enzymes incorporated in Floracor-GI’s blend not only clear the body of cellular debris and toxins, but the enzymes also destroy yeast by breaking down its cellular wall.

When looking to clear-up your skin, it may also be a good idea to temporarily restrict sugar and refined carbohydrates. Yeast thrives and feeds off sugar or monosaccharides such as glucose and fructose. Therefore, consuming too much sugar will promote yeast growth. In extreme cases candida or yeast overgrowth can also impair the structure of the intestinal tract causing leaky gut syndrome. Fungal cells of yeast initiate inflammation which further damages the intestinal tract, leaving it weak and vulnerable for food particles to permeate through the damaged membrane. Because gluten and dairy may irritate the gut lining and exacerbate leaky gut syndrome it may help to limit the consumption of these foods as well.

To sum it up:

  • Drink more water
  • Apply sunscreen and moisturizerwoman with fruits rejecting junk food
  • Stop smoking
  • Eat healthier
  • Temporarily restrict refined carbs, sugars, gluten and dairy
  • Take Enzymes and Probiotics

see the following link to read about Floracor-GI

Many times digestion gets overlooked as a contributing factor to acne and blemishes, but if you really want clear skin you have to make sure your body isn’t full of junk. How can we expect our skin to reflect radiance if it is feeding off grease soaked proteins and starches? You will only get as much as you put in, so start feeding yourself with the intent to glow on the outside.


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